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For every woman, motherhood is the most fulfilling stage of her life. Though this stage undergoes many physical and emotional ups and downs, what ultimately matters to any mother is her baby’s well-being. Pre-registering in a maternity hospital is one of the most significant decisions made during pregnancy. The priority should be to find a hospital that provides satisfactory solutions to all maternity requirements. It should be comfortable for the mother-to-be, newborn child, anxious father, and guardians waiting for the happy moment. We suggest Silver Crest Hospital, the best hospital for normal delivery in Gurgaon, Haryana. This maternity hospital is open 24*7 hours and stands well-equipped to handle any last-minute urgency. 

Phases of Normal Delivery 

Childbirth is the completion of pregnancy, where a baby exits from the mother’s womb. The process occurs via vaginal delivery or cesarean section, depending on mother-child health. It is a natural delivery when the mother gives birth through the vaginal canal without surgical intervention. This vaginal birth process has three typical stages.

1. Stage 1 

The first stage of normal delivery involves early labor, active labor, and the transition phase. During the early labor stage, regular contractions lead to softening, shortening, and effacement of the cervix. The mother could typically feel mild irregular contractions occurring at an interval of 3 to 5 minutes. However, contractions gradually become more powerful, rapid, and frequent, yielding active labor. In the transition phase, contractions are painful and cause cervix dilation to its fullest at about 10 cm. 

2. Stage 2 

When the cervix dilates fully, the delivery proceeds further. This childbirth stage could last from a couple of minutes to several hours or longer. Every contraction requires the mother to push, enabling the baby to get closer to the birth canal. Other aspects of this critical stage include: 

  • The mother experiences severe pain around the vaginal opening as the baby finds the way out.
  • She feels the pressure as if she should make a motion. 
  • The gynecologist performs an episiotomy to widen the opening of the vagina.
  • The mother repeatedly pushes the baby out of her body and feels exhausted.
  • The head of the infant emerges first, followed by the shoulders and the butt.
  • The doctor cuts the umbilical cord when the baby takes the first breath in the world.

3. Stage 3 

This final stage involves pushing out the entire placenta through the vaginal canal. The placenta delivery after childbirth could take about 5 to 30 minutes. The mother will experience mild contractions that are less painful than labor pain. The doctor may advise you to follow proper medications to induce uterine contractions and prevent any other problem. They will also examine the placenta to ensure no fragments remain in the uterus and cause infection or bleeding. Go for the best hospital for normal delivery in Gurgaon.

Signs of a normal delivery

Since every birth is unique, delivery symptoms differ from one pregnant woman to another. The stabbing pain of contractions is comparable to that of menstrual cramps. When the labor time draws near, the frequency and intensity of the pain increase dramatically. Reach the best hospital for normal delivery in Gurgaon. Contractions happening every 10 minutes are a signal of natural labor. Other signs of vaginal delivery include:

1. Losing mucus plug

The passage of the mucus plug indicates that labor is near. During pregnancy, the cervical glands secrete thick mucus, and the cervical mouth remains closed. Pressure exertion by the child’s head leads to the ejection of the mucus plug. It occasionally comes out as blood-tinged vaginal discharge. 

2. Cervix dilation 

Thinning and dilation of the cervix indicate that labor is approaching near. When the cervix dilates to the width of 10 cm, it refers to fully dilated. However, this process starts gradually, and symptoms often appear before the labor. The doctor can confirm the situation by performing a pelvic examination on the pregnant woman.

3. Back pain

A pregnant woman could experience back pain as the delivery time comes near. The pain is dull and manifests in the lower back, accompanied by contractions. Some women may experience a loosening of the joints, particularly in the pelvic region. Others may have back labor symptoms often caused by the baby’s position within the pelvis.

4. Water leaks

During pregnancy, a fluid-filled membranous sac called the amniotic sac surrounds and protects the unborn child. The rupture of these amniotic membranes refers to water breaking. It is one of the most vital signs indicating that delivery is right around the corner. Depending on how much fluid penetrates the vagina, it may feel like a slow trickle or gush of warm liquid. Since the dripping amniotic fluid is odorless and colorless, one may find it the same as urine.

Benefits of Normal Delivery 

Natural childbirth is the most preferred delivery method because it requires less medical intervention. Regarding biological processes, nature knows best about our requirements. Natural birth stimulates lactation and benefits the mother and child in many ways. Let us discuss why women should choose natural, vaginal delivery for childbirth:

  • Labor induced by injections or medications may lead to autism or other neurological disorders in the child.
  • Delivery via a cesarean section increases the risks of blood transfusion.
  • Natural delivery allows mothers to breastfeed more easily because they recover quickly.
  • Stay in the best hospital for normal delivery in Gurgaon is shorter than for those undergoing cesareans.
  • Natural birth increases protein production in the baby’s brain, which enhances brain development.
  • Oxytocin and endorphins are two pain-relieving hormones released during natural childbirth.
  • Naturally born babies are more likely to overcome health issues as they will receive the bacteria needed to combat diseases.
  • Energy levels of natural birthing mothers remain generally high because they can eat and drink freely.

Tips for safe and normal delivery

The miraculous journey of giving birth to a newborn is an exciting but overwhelming experience. With the best hospital for normal delivery in Gurgaon by your side, you no longer have to give in to your fears. Here are some tips to ensure you and your baby get through labor and delivery safely.

  • Consider meditation or yoga to lessen maternal stress.
  • Keep company with friendly people and avoid negative, uncomfortable situations.
  • Eat a balanced diet that includes fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and lean meat.
  • Take prenatal vitamins to ensure your body gets the required nutrients. 
  • Reduce sugar intake and avoid street food.
  • Do some light exercises as recommended by a healthcare provider.
  • Read books to educate yourself about labor and childbirth. 
  • Keep your room cozy and get enough sleep.
  • Drink enough water to stay hydrated throughout pregnancy.
  • Go for regular checkups and maintain your health.

Why choose us? 

Place your trust in the best hospital for normal delivery in Gurgaon. We offer excellent maternity care tailor-made for expectant mothers at Silver Crest hospital. We cover everything from fertility to vaginal delivery and pediatric care. Our highly qualified pregnancy specialists will assist you even if the delivery has complications. They are proficient in handling high-risk pregnancies and premature delivery. The hospital facility has NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) and ICU (adult intensive care unit) for urgent situations. We have professionals in nearly every medical specialty, including gynecology, fertility, pediatrics, nutrition, lactation, laparoscopy, neonatology, and fetal medicine. Besides providing medical services, we consider the emotional health of the expected mother and father. Taking care of the mother and newborn baby is our priority. We fulfill our duty with utmost dedication treating all our patients like a family.

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