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Children are distinct individuals with unique needs. When it comes to health care, their needs constantly change as they grow and develop. They require medical care that is different from adults. For instance, hospitalized children under two years require 40% more nursing care to address their health requirements. If you are looking for a Child Care Hospital in Gurgaon, we suggest Silver Crest Hospital. From newborns to adolescents, we provide the highest level of pediatric care. Only a comprehensive child care hospital can offer the cutting-edge therapies and specialized knowledge that we have. Here, you will find a child-friendly, family-focused approach to all aspects of care. Our dedication to medical excellence sets us apart from others in the region.

Why Children’s Hospitals are important?

A child care hospital is a medical center where parents can go if their child falls ill. It addresses all needs whether your child is in a critical condition, has undergone surgery, or arrived for a routine check-up. Hence, no one can deny the importance of such hospitals.


1. Expertise

 Pediatric hospitals have physicians, anesthesiologists, nurses, surgeons, and pharmacists who undergo specialized training. They study in-depth child diseases, dose requirements, pediatric size equipment, and treatments. Additionally, the professionals understand that young patients and their families face emotional struggles. Besides attending to health conditions, specialists know how to minimize anxiety.

2. Kid-friendly atmosphere 

 Children’s hospitals have a kid-focused atmosphere. The environment is safe and healthy for patients, staff, and visitors. Many facilities maintain whimsical, cheery décor. They have skylights, aquariums, toys, and games- all designed to distract from the pressure of being hospitalized. The goal is to make their pediatric wings fun and child-friendly, making parents feel at ease.

3. Health and wellness 

 Children require extra care, close supervision, specialized medication, and professional caregivers. Children’s hospitals are places that focus solely on their unique needs. They provide intensive medical care and treatment. You can relax knowing that your child is in the best hands possible. Even when you are not present, you can feel content about their health and safety. Their medical staff is available 24*7 to take care of patients and your queries.

4. Community centered care

 Children’s Hospitals have a significant impact on the community. Since they ensure strength, vitality, and health, they play an integral role in our nation. They not only treat child disease, but they also educate the community on how to maintain health. These hospitals help us live more comfortably and conveniently. Our community will not be complete unless such hospitals are present.

When to see a child specialist?

Some health issues must be addressed immediately by a child specialist. However, many problems get better through home remedies. Knowing when to take your child to the pediatrician is necessary. If your infant has any of the following, visit a pediatrician as soon as possible.

  • Diarrhea or repeated vomiting for more than 12 hours
  •  High fever 
  •  Skin blisters or unexplained rashes
  •  Persistent crying 
  •  Vomit or feces with blood traces
  •  High-pitched, loud coughing 
  •  Not taking usual feeds for more than 8 hours 
  •  Sunken fontanelles
  •  Sticky, pink, or watery eyes 
  •  Breathing abnormally
  •  Drowsiness or losing consciousness

If you are unsure about symptoms and the severity of the condition, it is best to call your doctor. This way, you will feel more at ease and understand what to do next. However, if there is an emergency, take your child immediately to the nearest Child Care Hospital in Gurgaon.

What are the advantages of a children’s hospital?

Young babies have weak immune systems as they are still maturing. Minor illnesses such as coughs, colds, and tummy upsets affect them more severely than older children and adults. So, children require specialized medical care that meets the specific needs of their age. Here, let us know the facilities provided by the best children’s hospitals like Silver Crest Hospital.

  • Super-specialized team of doctors
  •  Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
  •  24-hour ambulance, pharmacy, and lab 
  •  High-end, ultramodern equipment 
  •  Personalized child care 
  •  Affordable hospitalization costs 
  •  Online Consultation 
  •  High-class infrastructure 
  •  Parents counseling 
  •  General and specialized surgical care

How our Child care specialist provides treatment?

 Children and adolescents have distinct health requirements. They need specialized care and medical treatment if they fall ill or get injured. Silver Crest Hospital has everything they need to meet their medical, psychological, and basic needs. As a dedicated hospital, we have a team of pediatric specialists. Our staff provides the best medical solutions for the most complex health problems. They are available at your service around the clock. The typical process of treatment as provided by our specialists is as follows:

1. Pediatric OPD 

 Our hospital offers OPD consultations via teleconsultation or in person. Contact information is available on our website. 

 – The OPD staff screens all children for pulse oximetry, blood pressure, and temperature. We have automated machines to check their weight and growth. Depending on their health condition and OPD reports, you can meet specialists at the scheduled time. The doctors will check medical history, examine them physically, and ask for some tests if necessary.

2. Diagnostic Testing 

 Our facilities feature cutting-edge technology, including the most advanced diagnostic services for pediatric patients. From simple blood draws to comprehensive medical imaging, we provide a broad range of diagnostic tests. We collaborate closely with specialists to offer the best and most thorough diagnosis. We focus on performing the safest procedure possible and delivering results timely. Our team of skilled pediatricians, nurses, and clinicians in behavioral health takes a holistic approach to care.

3. Hospital admission 

 A sudden illness, injuries from an accident, or traumatizing events cause many children to get admitted to the hospital. Ailments related to breathing, blood flow, and blockages are also critical. If the health condition is severe, the doctor suggests the parents admit their child to the hospital. Some newborns may even require a NICU stay. For instance, if they are incapable of sucking, the baby will need nutrition via a vein or tube in the mouth. Likewise, babies with pneumonia, jaundice, or anemia may have to stay in the NICU.

4. Discharge and follow up 

Depending on their medical condition,  your child may spend days, weeks, or even longer in the hospital. When the doctor gives consent to discharge the patient, a nurse will discuss home care with you and give you written instructions. Before discharge, be sure you are aware of any treatments your child will need at home. These include changing a bandage on a wound or giving your child any medications they may need, like antibiotics. Also, inquire about when you should return for a follow-up appointment. Eventually, the final process involves formalities, from verbal instruction to settling hospital dues and handing over discharge papers.

Bottom line 

 When children need medical care, their parents or guardians are present. Siblings may sometimes accompany the family to the hospital. When confronted with a medical condition, children often experience anxiety or fear. Silver Crest Hospital is the best Child Care Hospital in Gurgaon. The hospital addresses child-specific issues and offers a unique atmosphere for healing. While your child receives care, you can stay nearby to calm them down. Our healthcare providers educate parents thoroughly on the medical condition of their child. Siblings can spend time in a kid-friendly environment. We carry out medical evaluations and offer assistance to patients, families, and referring medical professionals.

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